Sushi Dessert?

Do you like sushi?  Do you enjoy chocolate?  Well, imagine chocolate flavors and edible250808709 f7fa22cca8 m displays of sushi as an after sushi dessert.  I know, it sounds just plain weird.  It's chocolate that is molded to look JUST LIKE sushi but taste JUST LIKE chocolate. 

Koo-ki Sushi is detailed with each color and texture to match the specific sushi dish.  Even eat the delicate gold patterns and edible decorative greenery that goes with it.  That's right!  Perfect gift for someone that adores sushi and wouldn't mind eating it with a different flavor.

Great treats with a different look.  Would be incredible as party desserts.  Visit the main site for more details and all the designs and packaging.  It all looks so tasty!

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