m300 GSM Watch

Have you always wanted to look like a spy?  Then this is the watch for you!  The m300250197207 c579ee3f38 m GSM watch is a cellphone that is built into a wristwatch design.

Features over 70 hours of standby time, full sms functionality, bluetooth compatibility, USB connection for uploading software, memory for up to 99 numbers and 40 embedded real tones.  It also has a decent look to it and seems to be quite sleek for the amount of functions bottled up in such a small space.

Just released in four new colors, you can choose the best watch for you.  Visit the product site for ordering details.

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  1. thecolor 18 September, 2007 at 20:45

    OK everyone… http://www.m500.org is up and running with a forum that is not closed (cough cough mymobilewatch). 😉 It should help you keep up to date with this awesome product!

    Please run through things, sign up for the BB, and let me know how things feel work. I’ve run many a server in the past and still do, but, strangely enough, I’ve never run a forum. So, this should be fun. 🙂 Feel free to start things off by adding what we’ve discussed if you so choose.

    If you feel there should be a category in the forum, let me know. There is a contact page that goes to me on the site. 🙂


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