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Have they gone too far with fingerprint safe devices?  I've seen the laptop that will scan your fingerprint before allowing you use to it.  Now I have found a safe that will keep your valuables under lock and key, unless you have the encoded fingerprint to open it.

Talk about technology!  But is it wasted when it's used on something like a safe?  It only weighs in at 28 lbs. so it makes me wonder how easily it can be cracked offsite.  That's right, can they simply take your box of valuables and work on getting it open without your finger somehow?

We've all seen the movies where they take a fingerprint (or remove a finger!) and are able to gain access to the most private of places.  Maybe it's a good idea for a small fortune but I'm not sure I'd invest in this for items I really wanted safe.  It does seem like it would be a quick/easy way to store things.  Convenient enough. 

What do you think?  Check out the main site for information and relatively high pricing.

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  1. Kat2 24 September, 2006 at 20:58

    Yeah, I was *just* reading an article in the new Reader’s Digest about burglaries, and it said you should always bolt your safe to the floor; otherwise the burglars will just take the whole thing.

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