Inject some fun and romance into your bathtime

412323008_1ce62aa400_o Everyone knows how a long day at the office often results in a deflated spirit when you trudge up to your door, which is why a quick shower is always refreshing. Unfortunately for most of us, our bath time experiences are not exactly the most memorable ones on the planet due to the lack of good company and a boring shower head. Why not inject some much needed romance into your current relationship (or if it is going great guns at the moment, there is no harm in introducing a little something to spice up what is already an explosive affair) with the Raindance Rainmaker?

This unique home appliance will bring a shower experience unlike anything you've ever experienced before. The whole works features a quartet of mood lights that help get the mood going, while the shower head boasts a couple of air spray modes that will clean you and your partner in a fun and refreshing manner. The Rain Air mode emits a gentle water flow while drops of air provide a soft, sensual spray. The Whirl Air mode is fiercer, providing an intense massage via accelerated jets of water.

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