Enough Pink Yet? No?

Ok, so you haven't had enough of the fabulously pink gadgets yet? 

Sony is coming out with a pink colored PSP for the female crowd.  Divas, listen up, they are pushing pink!  This looks more cotton-candy colored than some of the other items we've reviewed but I think I still like it.

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Of course, they went a step further and invited Pink, the singer, to donate exclusive video content and a new and unreleased song to be included on the handhelds.  Nice move, Sony!

It looks to only come out in the UK and the date is set for October 27th with a price of £169.99.  I don't think you'll be limited too much if you can wait...I'm sure e-bay will have them available soon after for those of us in America.  I would definitely keep a look out before purchasing the drab colors offered here now.

Thanks, ShinyShiny, for the information!

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