Cool Website: Unleash Your Inner Designer!


I have a thing for purses. I love them, but I'm really particular about the style of my handbags. In fact, I've gotten so fussy about it that I've drug out my dusty sewing machine and started buying vintage fabrics on eBay to sew my own. Thankfully, since I'm a fairly mediocre seamstress, I stumbled onto a very, very cool website, 1154 Lill Studio, that enables me to design my own handbags, from clutches to shoulder purses to messenger bags. So, now I can set free my inner-designer (who's been watching too much Project Runway?) What's more amazing than the numerousbag4 styles and gorgeous fabrics is the price. Depending on the style of bag you choose, you'll end up paying somewhere between $29 and $190 dollars for a designer bag! And if you have a hard time deciding which bag or fabric to go with (like me), you can always just buy a pre-made design from their shop. Now, if I can could just finish picking my new tote and get back to work! Be careful, this site can be addicting. [Website]

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