Guitars for Girls

Daisyrocks I've always wanted to play guitar and actually own two of them, but I always struggle to hit the right chords because I have small hands.  I figured someone out there must surely make guitars for women rockers or just people with small hands, and I was right. Daisy Rock guitars have slimmer necks for easier playing, are lightweight so they don't overpower you and the body design lies perfectly across our small frames. The short scale guitars are perfect for girls under 10, while the full scale guitars are made for girls of all ages. Susanna Hoffs, the Donnas, Hillary Duff, Lisa Loeb and even Rock Goddess Nancy Wilson all have Daisy Rock guitars.

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  1. Donald 26 April, 2006 at 16:43

    I love those guitars. I have seen some of their line. I am quite impressed…just a little too girly for my small hands…I have a hard time playing my bass because of my small hands *shrugs*

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