Mosquitos, Go Away!

Arnywear has a great concept that I have seen lately in hiking supply stores.  A cloth that is a mosquito repellant.  Most of the designs I have viewed are bandana style accessories for your clothing style. 

Arnywear offers four different designs as follows:213333000 080665cd28 m

  • Aqua Blue
  • Khaki Stripe
  • Cerise-Pink
  • Five-O

These reflect many different styles so you can match them up to your wardrobe.  The patented idea of the fabric is activated by rubbing and can keep mosquitos away from you with a 50cm. no bite zone.  It is family safe and remains active during normal use via your body movement.

The site claims the following:

Arnywear branded products have been clinically tested and
proven by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to provide
continuous protection against mosquitoes, midges, stable flies, ticks
and other unwelcome insects.

With the heat like it is and the humidity high in some areas, this might be your best non-invasive defense while enjoying the outdoors.  I know I hate sprays that go on your body and get sticky.  You end up sweating it off and it loses it's ability to fight off the bugs.

This material is also designed to be used a few times, even after washing.  It comes in a protective package that you can store it in when not using it and keep it longer-lasting.

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