Virtual Boyfriend or Girlfriend

VirtualbfgfFor less than the price of dinner and a movie you can now buy yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend! Ok, this has got to be the coolest thing for Techie Divas! We love technology, so why
not get a virtual
boyfriend? It’s possible with this Tamagotchi-like Virtual Girlfriend/Boyfriend. Each one has eight different mates for each gender. Each character has its own personality, so you can go through several relationships with eight different boyfriends! The benefits include no risk of pregnancy or diseases, but on the other hand you can still get your heart broken. The relationship usuals like gifts, dinner and other courting rituals still apply! Now instead of looking at this from a negative point of view (digital lovers?) we can look at it from the bright side: this can be a fantastic educational tool to let us practice our relationship skills. Why not get one for your ex boyfriend? She will teach him buying flowers is not optional! Make a mistake… bye bye virtual lover. While we can sometimes forgive someone for relatively unforgivable mistakes, this ruthless little gadget is not forgiving and will punish the mistake with a prompt virtual dumping ritual.

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