Retractable Head Phones


I used to go through a pair of headphones within a month, maximum. Because I am always on the run the cords would get tangled and in places where they were stressed they would break. At some point I would only get sound in one ear, then all of a sudden none. The only way I would be able to use my defective head phones was by leaning over in a really funny way so the broken pieces would ‘connect’. I’m free of that problem now! By accident I ran into retractable headphones, similar to these offered by
They are perhaps not a new invention, but I don’t really see anyone else in my metropolitan surrounding wear them. This suggests millions of people are still getting tangled!
What I love about these head phones is that they are small, and retract automatically by gently pulling on both end. The Cordgo
gives you versatility, but the build-in retractability of these head phones
gives you something great in a very small package!

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