Antibacterial Mouse

210631741 c018be81bd mAre you a germaphobe?  Even if you aren't, this mouse is for you.  It keeps germs away from a place that is a heavy attractant for them and they come in great colors to brighten up your desktop.  I think I might look into the pink one--because I'm cool like that. 

Even if you wash your hands, I'm sure you can imagine the haven of bacteria that hangs out around desktops.  Keyboards should be next, but for now,the mouse is a great start.

Think of this for workstations that are shared, large companies with a high turnover and school computer labs with shared systems.  It's an amazing concept and I'm truly glad someone came up with it.

Elecom has created a wonderful combination of mouse plus antibacterial surfaces.  It includes the scrollbar roller (a must have with my computer) and looks compact enough to carry with a laptop if you don't mind the wire.


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