Is Tech Making Cheating Easy?

Cheatingonline With so much new technology emerging everyday, it was only a matter of time before schools began to accept it into their classrooms. After all, technology is a big part of a student's life. When I was in high school, it was fairly uncommon to see students with cell phones or laptops on school grounds—even though these tools were readily available. Today, most kids in school have a cell phone, and the situation has gotten so out of control that schools are already moving towards banning them in the classroom. Besides being disruptive, cell phones and other technology are also being used to [gasp!] cheat .

Cheating is common among students—that's no big secret; but when you hear about kids paying thousands of dollars to pass a test, well that's when you know students are seriously under pressure. Desperate students in Vietnam, paid over $3,000 for an elaborate setup consisting of wigs and shirts wired to mobile phones that would allow them to cheat on their college entrance exams. According to ABC News, police also confiscated mobile phones, earphones, and SIM cards that were used to call in test questions and answers. [Read Story] Digg Story

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  1. Simmone 2 August, 2006 at 21:10

    There is no doubt that technology facilitates cheating, especially when authorities don’t keep up with the changing technology & how to prevent students from using it negatively, from scanner pens (to copy examinations), to material stored on mp3 players, messages being beamed back & forth on pda’s or sidekicks, info stored in graphing calculators a& off course cell phones, I think i’ve seen it all.
    Even having material taken from professors computers, in their presence. If authorities don’t make themselves aware of whats out there, they leave themselves vulnerable.

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