To Pay or Not To Pay Top Diggers

Socialbookmark Netscape released a Digg-like site a few weeks ago, and Diggers haven't been quite "digging" the new copy-cat site. This week f-secure reports that hackers took matters into their own hands by injecting javascript code into Netscape pages that prompted users to visit Digg, or had funny messages like "Tom Way is the sexiest man alive" (btw, who is Tom Way?).

Meanwhile, the battle between Netscape's Jason Calacanis and Digg's Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose begins to heat up. It all started with the launch of the new Netscape site (obviously), but Jason Calacanis took it one step further last week and offered to pay the top12 users on Digg/Reddit/Flickr/Newsvine $1,000 a month for doing what they like to do best--but for Netscape. Calacanis argues that the top 12 users spend 2-3 hours a day searching for stories to dig for free. Now, he wants to offer them $12,000 a year or $5.36/hr to keep them searching for those cool stories, without censoring them in any way. Read Story [Digg]

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