Alarming Bikini

With summer in full force, many are concerned about their sun exposure.  There are limitations given to us and warnings placed out there to heed, but how many really count the time we spend in the sun and measure our UV exposure?  I know I don't...and what better idea than a little help with this via technology?

The Solestrom's bikini will go on sale in month and is equipped with a UV meter built
into its belt coupled with an alarm that beeps to tell the wearer it's time to head to some protective shade.

A safe way to avoid skin cancer and still enjoy your time in the sun, this bikini seems like a good idea.  With a 0 to 20 scale for the UV monitor, this bikini offers you notification via the alarm and could give the wearer a sense of peace about their skin. 

After spending two weeks in Texas where I was exposed to 108F while swimming, this doesn't seem like such a bad idea.  But, the price tag of $190 that's expected would probably keep me from jumping into this suit right away.


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