Memo Pen makes note taking a cinch


Now the Memo Pen is a pretty nifty device to have around, considering it offers you the convenience of a memo pad and a writing instrument within a single device. After all, how many times have your boss called you to leave an important while you were busy filing your nails, only to have your memory fail you at a later period due to your current inability to find a piece of rough paper at the moment to jot down his words? The Memo Pen is more than capable of salvaging such a situation as it comes with a built-in roll of paper which you can tear in the same manner as a paper towel in public places.

The amount of paper stored in each roll amounts to two feet worth of writing real estate, but it can get pretty tricky when it comes to refills as you can't simply walk into any store and pick a roll up the same way you purchase Post It notes. The Memo Pen retails for $29.95 and makes a great gift for secretaries.

Source: GearFuse

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