Techie Moms, Too

With the uprising of so many women getting involved in technology, you have to admit there are now techie moms on board.  This brings my review of the following site relevance.  If you are going to cater to computer savvy women in the world, don't forget the needs of mothers out there.

photoaffections is taking advantage of this new influx of women gadgeteers and making just one more thing easier on them.  Introducing a customized and personal site that allows you to make custom birth announcements, wedding invitation and yes, even elopment announcements.  This site seems to be screaming "quick and easy" and who isn't looking to add time to their day?

Visit and find yourself enveloped in fancy graphics, custom areas where you can add your own photos, creative holiday ideas pre-made but personalized with your photos and high-quality photo offerings.

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