Samsung and 10 Megapixels

Coming soon to a store near you, August of 2006, is the new Samsung 'S' Series cameras.  Aimed to capture the beginner digital camera user and the professionalnvseriessamsung photographer, the 'S' series has feature packed options and ease of use.  Featured photo is the NV series just released which I also mention.

The S700 and the S1000 are both being released and talked about heavily with the NV series that is already out.  The S1000 supports MPEG-4, a high-compression, high-quality video format already used in some cameras.  The S700 offers MJPEG video recording.  The S1000 touts the ability to capture more than one hour of high quality (640x480) video at 30fps with a 256MB memory card in use.  Also, the 3x optical zoom is available during video recording.  I haven't seen this in use elsewhere just yet.

The cameras will include many special effects options to play with and seem to have new features that the NV already includes...but with more gusto.  Watch for the release and visit the Samsung site for more detailed information on the NV series that is already available.

Digimax S700
MSRP - $249.99   

Availability - August 2006

Digimax S1000
MSRP - $349.99
Availability - August 2006

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