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AnetaGenova's iPod and cell phone cases are edgy designs for the "Rebel" in all of us .  You gotta love her Punk Rock cases ala Sex Pistols (Sid 'Vicious' Case) with black leather and metal spikes; or for the Sexy Vixen in you, 'Le Femme' case, in a pink corset (which Britney owns) might be more enticing. No other designer caters to 'The Hip' more than AnetaGenova, who has dressed some of your favorite hipster's iPods, like Britney, Alicia Key, Fergie (BEP) or Snoop Dogg.

We decided to ask her a few questions and find out more about her famous creations:

1. We know you have designed unique cases like the Sid (Sid Vicious) case, the Monty (Monty Python) and the Stardust (Ziggy Stardust) case. What or who inspiresSidcase_1 your latest designs.

My designs are inspired by the latest gadgets that come out from the leading technology companies. I design for stylish fashionable divas and quirky individuals. The collection featured on the website is dedicated to my friends. Each style is named after a unique friend and carries their personality. They all have a different outlook on life and style, and I love to offer each person a freedom of expression.

  2. What is your favorite design?

Each case was designed with a specific style in mind and I love them all,
but Stardust seems to be the one that I carry around the most.

3. What colors and designs can we hope to see in your laptop bag collection? When will it be released?

In the laptop bag collection you will see the same design direction as the iPod cases. Metallics and bright colors are still very important as well as lots of hardware and rivets. Sid will have a laptop bag of his own to put his computer in as well as Britney. I like to “tickle” the hard edge rock-and-roll punk and the elegant and pretty flower girl.

4. We hear Britney purchased La Femme model in pink, what other  Pinkfemme_1
celebrities are fans of your work?

Some of the celebrities who have been dressing their iPods with AnetaGenova cases are Alicia Keys, Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, Snoop Dogg, Alan Cumming.

5. What is the most expensive case you have custom made? What did it consist of?

The most expensive case is Stardust because of all the details and hardware that goes into it. But I also designed a one of a kind case that was custom made for a Hollywood movie director. It was more expensive because it was handcrafted from a custom dyed midnight blue python skin.

6. We love the wristlet on your iPod cases. The new PSP is in dire need of a trendy case. Do you plan on designing a case for Sony's PSP? if so, what designs can we expect?

I would love to move into designing stylish fashionable cases for a variety of gadgets including the new PSP. As long as there is a fashion diva out there looking for the latest trend in techie accessories I will be dressing technology.

7. What can we look forward to in gadget fashion from Aneta Genova?

My latest gadget muse is the treo phone. Fun and elegant cases for the treo phone is my latest obsession.

8. What is currently your favorite gadget?

My favorite gadget lately is the treo phone.

9. Any other information you would like to share with our readers?

There will be a more affordable line of products coming up in the end of the year or beginning of next year under the brand name “AG”. That would be a line of tech accessorie cases and laptop bags as well as camera cases with a more affordable price tag to be found in stores like Target, Khols, Best Buy and Circuit City.

IcelandWe want to thank AnetaGenova for making this Q&A possible!

Please check out her website at, and keep an eye out for her accessorie collection to hit your local tech store.

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