Power in 15 Mins.

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If you love gadgets, chances are you need batteries to keep them going.  How often are you buying batteries to boost your gadgets power?  No more, just purchase a Varta Charge and Go for quicker recharges to keep you moving.

Only wait 15 minutes for this charger to set your batteries back up for use.  You won't have to wait long for them and you can drain them quickly and not have to worry about recharge time.

Use on multiple gadgets, simply purchase enough rechargable batteries to fill them up and leave your waiting worries behind!  At a low price and with such convenient features, the Varta Charge and Go will be a smart investment for you and your gadget addiction.

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  1. Gadget Garden 19 July, 2006 at 09:03

    15 minuten opladen: Charge&Go

    Gadgets gebruiken stroom, hoe leuker de gadget, hoe meer en hoe sneller de batterij leeg is. Voor de milieuvriendelijk gadgetfreak zijn er oplaadbare batterijen, met als grote nadeel dat je ze moet opladen. De Varta Charge&Go maakt kortere metten met…

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