Compact Enough For Most Any Purse

Have you been caught up in the latest trend with all the compact MP3 players?  I certainly have and not only has the iPod captured my attention, but the Creative brand has brought some attention to itself lately.  Take a peek at the MuVo Slim by Creative and try to find a good reason why this wouldn't be compact enough for you to store away in your purse.

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As slim as a credit card, this one's the extreme side of 'portability' and gives you all the same options as some of the thicker models.  I have poured over the different brands and sizes and this one has me drooling.

I carry a smaller purse and this one would fit perfectly with my cellphone beside it.  You can enjoy up to 8 hours of music stored or use the built in FM tuner for local stations.  It also has a personal voice recorder, built in microphone and up to 16 hours of recording for this option.  Choose from 7 different colors including a nice feminine pink.  (I like pink!)

Recharges via USB and uses drag/drop setup to move files...making it easier to use on the go without extra software to worry about.  While carrying gadgets, you must make sure they are small when you want to travel light.  Take a look at the specifications from Creative and consider this MP3 player as your next purchase if you seek this type of slim portability.

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  1. Tracy Fulce 16 July, 2006 at 16:06

    I’ve owned this MP3 player for 2 years and LOVE IT. Not only can it be used as a flash drive, but it carries enough music to keep me occupied as I go through my daily life AND it also records voice and has an FM tuner. This player rocks!

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