Sounds stylish...

If you, like me, enjoy gadgets with both good design and good sound, you'll want to check out the pendant-style N10 flash device.   The iRiver N10 holds 512MB of music to give your ears the sound they crave.  Completely mobile and with such sharp looking features, you'll take the iRiver 177499156 0b787614c6 mwith you most anywhere just to show it off.

Touted as being smaller than a cigarette lighter and sleek styled with black and silver accents, the iRiver is also designed to be worn around your neck for ease of use.

  • 8 EQ presets
  • EQ limit function (to avoid distortion)
  • Power on/off timers
  • Variable playback speeds
  • Screensavers
  • Built-in mic for taking voice memos

The only thing I heard about this item that you might want to consider was that the battery life was not up to par.  Other than that, you can view the more detailed review over at and check out the iRiver to see if it's for you.  I'm certainly putting this one on my "might need soon" list.

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