iPod Home Media Center

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177132541 ae541b99ff oSick of watching all your downloaded Lost episodes on that tiny 2.5” screen? Have a desire to see in full detail the range of Steve Carell’s maddeningly hilarious expressions on The Office? No longer does your iPod have to be your on-the-go entertainment source, with Griffin Technology’s Tune Center, your favorite media player can truly be your home media center. Connect the Tune Center to your TV or home stereo via S-video and/or RCA cables, dock your iPod and voilá - your favorite albums, podcasts, pictures, and video all at the touch of a button (thanks to the Tune Center’s convenient remote control). Best thing? With the help of any Internet connection (and yes wi-fi, too), Internet radio stations can be unleashed throughout your home. For more information, click to Griffin Technology.

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