A little sumthin' sumthin'


Looking for a stylish way to carry around your extra storage? Then this
little tid-bit might be for you. It's called the Petito, a tiny elegant USB 2.0
compliant flash drive available in sizes from 256 MB ($25) to 1 GB ($60).

First seen at CEbit this March, the Petito is barely larger than a quarter
at 1.65”x 0.8” and weighs about 8 gms. It features a 30 MB/ s transfer rate (200X) and
also allows users to create a password for data protection via the Petito
anytime security application.

The diminutive drive comes in silver, gold, dark blue and titanium and is
from the company ATP (Advanced Technology & Packaging. See pricing info here.)

Created specifically for mobile professionals, not only is the drive meant
to be used for transporting data, digital images, or presentations but it is
light enough to be attached to keychains, mobile phones or necklaces.


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