4GB on a string

Buffalo 4GB USB Drive

Someone needs to ask the folks over at Buffalo if they understand the concept of competitive edge and if they've heard of a nifty little device called the iPod Nano.

Engadget announced today that Buffalo, released their 4 GB USB drive, just after news of them breaking the 8 GB flash drive barrier.

The 4 GB model belonging the RUF2-E series which are a new entry level line of products, and don't have the same transfer speeds (dubbed Ultraspeed) as the higher-end RUF2-R series. Buffalo has also tried to differentiate them by having them in a transparent bluish-purple casing.

Prices for the devices will range from $17 for the 128MB model to $415 for the 4GB model.  I'm no Apple fangirl and maybe its just me but I'd rather dropping $250 on an iPod Nano (which also houses a flash based drive) and double its use as a storage device. Sure I'll have to tote around a USB cable, but for the price & added functionality of being able to play my music & view pics on the fly, Its sounding like a much better option to me.


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