Lazy Tire Gauge

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I get so tired of messing with the cheap tire pressure gauges. They are really inaccurate, and are a pain to keep with you. What if there was a way to always be able to check your tire pressure and not have to keep a gauge on your person? Yanko Designs has developed a digital tire gauge that replaces your tire cap. This gauge has a digital display and you can see the current tire pressure with the push of a button. This battery operated device is perfect for making sure your tire pressure is even, and makes it a lot easier than having to take the cap off every time.


  1. C Underwood 12 June, 2006 at 19:18

    These are a great idea. I just bought my wife a new vehicle this year and they came with something like this. It sure makes it easier to keep up with that. Who wants to get brake dust all over their hands just to check the tire pressure?

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