Stylish TP?

What more can you say about a company that adds fashionable toilet paper to your home?  You know the story--you've worked hard to make your house trendy and sleek with black and silver--and you buy the fanciest toilet for your guest bathroom and it just doesn't look good enough with plain white toilet paper.  What do you do in a crisis like this?

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Buy Renova.  Renova toilet paper has been spotted in the trendiest and coolest clubs, restaurants in Europe and now it's available in North America.  Choose the 3-roll gift pack or the 6-pack of Renova and keep your bathroom stocked with the neatest looking toilet paper around.

The 3-roll includes "luxury gift canisters" to store the extra rolls in.  The 6-roll order utilizes the old "plastic wrap" method.  Now, before you wonder about safety, the Renova toilet paper is a 3-ply, fragrance toilet paper that has been tested for dermatological and gynecological sensitivities.  It also complies with all US and European health code requirements.  It will not bleed color and claims to be biodegradable and non-toxic.  Don't be afraid to order it for THOSE reasons.  It's the price that might stop you, though, as you must e-mail to find out how much the items cost.

Elegant and sophisticated...visit the main site for details.

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