Bling, Bling your desk Computer with Swarovski Crystal

163599574_88ae3e7765Bling Bling, everything I do on my desk, bling Bling.  Enough of the Cash Money crew (Rappers) lyric reference.  Have you always wanted to spice up your desktop with something other than the boring colors for you mouse, tape dispenser, and stapler (unless it is a red Swingline)?  Well with the latest Swarovski jeweled desk accessories. The picture says it all, you can pimp up your desk with colors of Peridot, Light Sapphire, Clear/Iridescent, & Light Rose crystal!!!  All of this can be purchased at Neiman Marcus, of course, just starting at $100!!!


  1. sara 11 June, 2006 at 20:08

    omg… who will buy? Ppl with too much money to spare. dang.. give it to me.. i need money lol..

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