Let the Phone Wars Begin

VoipVOIP is a term that though once obscure has become commonplace. With the prevalence of services such as VONAGE and Packet8, offerings from the phone companies such as Broadvoice & CallVantage, and from instant messenger programs such as Skype, Stanaphone and so on. There's a VOIP solution to fits every budget, and this month, AOL will stir the pot with another offering, AIM Phoneline. AOL already has a VOIP solution, available to AOL plus Broadband customers but what makes this product different (though not unique) is that they will offer a free phone number on which you can recieve calls.

Its not unique as Stanaphone already offers this service, though numbers are limited to the NY area, I'm sure that AOL will have a broader range of numbers available throughout the continental US.

The Product will be tied to AIM and to AOL mail, and features free voicemail which you can check from your email.

AOL will also have a service AIM Phoneline Unlimited which will offer unlimited local & long distance  (and 30 foreign countries) for $14.95 a month.

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