Virtual Reality Controlled by Thoughts

emotiveheadset.jpgFor years,  gamers have wondered how science was going to make their experience in virtual worlds more real. VR goggles were one way of doing it, but what about mind control? Why not? The technology has been available for years, so why not use it for a little R and R time? Well, gamers everywhere should be rejoicing at what could be the biggest breakthrough coming to the consumer world. Emotiv has announced the upcoming release of it's sensor ladden neuro headset capable of picking up brain waves that allows the user to move objects and control their avatar in a virtual setting .  This thing can pick up 30 different emotions, facial expressions, and cognitive action so gamers have plenty of ways to interact with others using thought control. The bad news is gamers will need to practice their poker face a lot more because this headset will makes impossible to hide your emotions behind a computer. The gaming headset is only in prototype form, but will be selling for $299 later this year along with a game. It may someday be compatible with other games, but for now you'll have to exercise your  mind with whatever game they decide to include. Tennis, anyone?

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