Top 10 strangest kitchen gadgets

155071224 e0f1e53846Pretty? Check. Useful? Not so much. This roundup from TechEBlog does have a few gems such as a tetris cooking timer and honorably-mentioned programmable drink mixer. But the majority of the gadgets linked, such as the keyboard tablecloth and toasterkettle (an all-in-one device that boils water and simultaneously toasts bread, omg!), seem like a bit of a stretch. The crowning strangeness of this list is Dupont's Z. Island Kitchen, a "sensory-receptive kitchen appliance" that may or may not be just a computer wrapped in a big futuristic white table. Also may or may not actually have anything to do with a kitchen. But after all, these gadgets are stylish and probably outrageously overpriced, which in some social circles adds to their charm. [Link]


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