Made for iPod Program

316673_image Found this very intresting article on the iPod Accessory Craze. As you have seen, we have covered quite a few entries regarding iPods, mainly because they are all over the place (and they are adorable). It looks like Apple has plans to partner with iPod accessory makers.

Fear not, iPod accessory makers. Rather than aggressively expanding into iPod accessories, Apple's plan appears to be: keep the party going for its many partners. Besides the iPod shuffle sports case, it has no plans for a broader product rollout, says Executive Vice-President Phil Schiller.

Schiller adds the Made for iPod program seeks to formalize how accessory makers work with Apple -- while also preventing consumers from getting stuck with knockoff products that don't perform as advertised. "We have worked hard on this market, to help developers design, market, and sell their products," he adds. "And that's what we intend to keep doing."

The partnership would allow iPod accessory makers (of technical devices only) to put a Made for iPod logo on their product. Of course, this will include a small royalty for its use.

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