Technology to the rescue


Have you ever gone out and given your number to someone you thought was a cool prospect only to find out that you made the biggest mistake of your life? (I've done this too many times to count.)  Either you lose interest  as you realize they're not like you thought they were, and it’s become uncomfortable, or you’ve netted yourself you’re very own personal stalker.

Safe talk comes to the rescue with a feature that allows you to have calls routed to your phone through a temporarily generated phone number, that you can give to your prospects until you are ready to divulge the "Real" Digits.

The feature operates for 7 days by default but can be extended for as long as you want.
You activate the feature via text messaging and it costs £1.50 per number generated.

The downside its only available in the UK night now. Hopefully one of the phone companies will pick up this service stateside soon.

Via [Gizmodo]

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