Samsung SGH-E500 fashion phone announced

E500d Samsung announced the SGH-E500, a new “compact and luxurious” clamshell inspired by Botticelli’s classic “The Birth of Venus” painting.  The tiny pink thing pictured left is definitely high fashion, but I’m not following along with how they got this from an archetypal masterpiece…other than the fact that they’re both flesh-toned and curvy. Most of the specifications available are pretty sketchy, but it does include chick-friendly features such as what they call Mobile Beauty Box -- an integrated “take a picture and try a new hairstyle” application, and an external LCD mirror. LCD mirror? I’ve tried to play that game on my Treo, and never have had much luck with it. Hopefully they’re not just renaming the self portrait feature that every flip phone includes these days. Expect to see this one later this quarter in all your favorite non-American stores. Hooter’s girl tights not included. [Link via Gizmodo]

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