Aibo gap filled by Korea's Genibo?

SEL10704280945I'm not really sure if there was a market "gap" left in the robot dog market, but it looks like the Korean technology company, DasaTech, is picking up where Sony left off by offering a replacement for the shelved Aibo robot dog. No word yet on pricing for Genibo (Genius Robot), but Korea has always done a good job of producing goods at lower cost (sometimes the quality is a little compromised, but sometimes not). Genibo, which stands one foot tall and weighs a little over three pounds, understands 100 commands. Apparently, the robo-pup will be able to sit, roll over, tail wag, and get itself around obstacles. Personally, I'm kind of partial to a dog that comes in pink, doesn't shed, and has an off switch...but that's just me. Look for Genibo sometime in 2007.  [AP via NewsVine]

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