Don't get caught Twittering at work


Some people spend way too much time on social networks during working hours, and some of them end up getting in big trouble or even fired.  Spreadtweet is a great way to hide your Twitter addiction at work because this application looks like a boring Excel spreadsheet. Tweets are displayed in plain text on the sheet, and are even numbered, but the best part is you can also update your Twitter page by typing in the top text box.  The fake spreadsheet is available for PC and Mac users,  so there's no excuse folks. The New York Times says it only takes seconds to get it up and running, and because it looks so authentic, you'll be able to fool curious co-workers peering over your shoulder as they walk by your cube. Only problem is this method won't save you from getting in trouble if your boss has subscribed to your Twitter feed.


  1. Technolik Blog 18 May, 2009 at 19:30

    this is probably one of the bad parts of Twittering and twitter addicts have great problems because of that…believe me they are many :)) thanks for tutorial 🙂

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