CES Download: Keep Track of Your Kids

Tracking phones for kids are becoming increasingly popular, so much that Hop-on will launch a GPS assisted tracking phone so parents can have peace of mind when their child is away. The Chitter Chatter phone for kids has both a phone and LBS tracking capabilities, which allows the user to send the address of their location to their parents’ cell phones via SMS message or if they forget, parents can track their children over the internet by sending an SMS message to their kid’s phone and within one minute the phone will send back the exact location of their child. Parents will also be able to program up to 9 phone numbers, and can even control who calls their kids phone. The phone will retail for under $50, and comes with 10 Chat-Track minutes, after that you pay-as-you-go. A $50 Chat-Track card buys you 285 minutes, just to give you an idea. The phone is packaged in a lunchbox style case, which gives it instant appeal. It also includes a speaker phone, watch band, neckstrap, backpack clip and headset. 


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