CES Download: Hitting the Pipe at CES

Vapir showed me a few of their portable digital vaporizers that allow you to smoke tobacco or other plants used in aromatherapy such as eucalyptus. The Air2 Vapir system uses convection technology to heat up herbs transforming them into an aerosol mist. Hot air is then blown through an herbal disk which releases a full flavor without the toxic elements created by smoking. Pre-filled herbal disks are available if you want to try a mysterious blend of herbs, or you can pack the disk yourself.

The company also has an alternative system for smokers called the NicoHale System for a more natural smoke. NicoHale removes all the harmful elements found in cigarettes like tar, carbon monoxide, and nicotine. The system includes a digital vaporizer, oil blends, and a one week supply of herbal disks.


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