$36K Gold Xb0x 360 Faceplate

We broke the news about the new Designer Faceplates that are on exhibit in France, and now Engadget found an even more outrageous faceplate that is selling on eBay with a starting bid of $36,000! Ouch! The "Poor Man's" faceplate weighs 900 grams of pure gold, and is completely functionalGoldplated_2.

"This is a pure 999.9 solid gold "bar" that has been cast into the shape of a functional xbox 360 faceplate.  The IR receiver, ports, and buttons are all functional!  Half of the pictures show the plate by itself and the other half of pictures show the face with the buttons and port covers in place.  Again, this is functional and will mount onto an xbox 360 console.  The weight of the gold by itself is approximately 900 grams.  The faceplate is immaculate with no scratches- mint condition! (no pun intended)  The pictures do not do this item any justice.  Truly a must see... and have!"

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  1. James Turese 8 December, 2005 at 23:38

    Now THAT’s customisation of the 360. I can’t wait until the Xbox 360 comes out in Australia…why do we always get things last??

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