Panasonic 58-Inch Plasma TV

Panasonic has come out with two new models recently, both with a 58-inch plasma screen.  With a 10000:1 contrast ratio and a resolution of 1366x768 pixels, you're going to view life on the big screen, at home.  HDTV support with 29 billion different colors is featured on the models.  I'm not sure if this will fit into your home, but you might consider making room for it after seeing the incredible picture it produces.

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With a built in Secure-Digital Memory Card slot, you can also view images and slideshows without the mess of cables.  Another cable saver is the single cable connection to DVD recorders and Media Center PCs.

Word is, the two models:  TH-58PX600U and the TH-58PX60U will be available this summer.  They are going to sell for around $5500-$6000.  The only difference between the two models listed is the CableCARD slot, PC Input, and the TV-Guide EPG will be missing from the latter listed model.

Amazing color.  Amazing size.  Take a look at the design and start saving.

Source:  Gazotto


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