And now a little bit of Pink Pukeness

Mda_compact_ii_front_pink_1_1 Yes, we love pink like a fat kid loves cake! We view life through pink-colored glasses, wear pink clothes, pink make-up, love them pink gadgets, and hell,we even puke pink after drinking pink martini's at the pink clubs we frequent!!!!! We just can't get enough of that pink hue. AAARRGGGGG!!! I am having a pink breakdown right now! I think I need some pink Pepto...

Ok, sorry about that, but I can't take it anymore. Kinda sick of the whole pinkness today.

The Shiny Shiny gals found this P**k MDA Compact II PDA that T-Mobile has produced. Specs include 1.3 megapixels, 128MB memory and SD Card Slot, Windows Mobile 5.0 and will cost around  £140. 

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