Techie T-Shirt: T-Qualizer

TshirtBe sound-sensitive when you wear this t-qualizer t-shirt! The t-shirt has a built in graphic equalizer panel that is sound sensitive. When the music starts the lights on the equalizer shirt light up to the beat of the music!

I just wonder if this t-shirt lights up too when someone talks... in any way, it is a great shirt to wear to parties or anywhere where music is played! It's a great conversation starter, and in the dark you can always find your way.

The shirt is made from 100% cotton, but it has a fully functional Electro Luminescence panel built in. The lights are powered through a battery pack that is discreetly hidden in a pocket inside the shirt.

Don't wear this shirt if you are overly shy, because it will definitely attract some attention!
It works just like the equalizer on your home stereo; every different sound frequency activates a different equalizer bar. The shirt is really powered up, and it will definitely fire up the attention!