LED G-String

StringThose French sure know how spark things up.... below the belt. Uhm, I mean in terms of communication tools, dirty mind. The LED G-String can display 1 message with up to 120 characters, for an uninterrupted below the belt conversation. Check the site, they have many great ideas like LED T-Shirts, Necklaces and more.  Price 59 €


  1. Avatar of techiediva
    Gina Hughes 17 November, 2005 at 22:32

    As per your request, and based on the opinions of others who did not feel my black-themed template either, I brought back a white-themed template. I love black, and I miss the black template, but I’ll live.;)

  2. Johnny Malkavian 15 November, 2005 at 23:49

    Hi Techie Diva!

    I’ve been reading for quite awhile now via feed, and occasionally popping over to the site when I see something interesting.

    I came here today to find that the theme has changed! Please bring back the previouus one? White is so much more easy on the eyes! 8)

    That said, great work! It’s nice to see a gadget blog that does not duplicate engadget.

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