Imako: Alternative to Snap-On-Smile

Smiling Nobody's perfect, so if you were not blessed with perfect teeth, well only a dentist can help you there.  We reported on the Snap-on-Smile a few months back, and boy did we get some interested readers talking about it. The problem with said product was the price, which started at $1,500, a bit too expensive for my pockets. I mean, wouldn't you rather spend that money on braces or some other cosmetic surgery?  Dr. Bukk was kind enough to alert us of this inexpensive and effective substitute, their very own IMAKO cosmetic teeth.  This cosmetic shell will only set you back about $49.95, and will turn your smile into an attractive sight to see.  IMAKO is removable, and comes with complete at home fitting instructions. It requires a bit of work on your part to do the fitting, but once done you can snap them on anytime without adhesives.  Product Page

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