Bean Sprouting Messages of Love

Canofwords You put all that care into your plants, and what do you get in return? Well in this case, you get a heartwarming etched message that will forever make your day. Takara's 'Can of Words' plant is a fun way to communicate your feelings.  Takara puts a short and sweet message on the seeds (before they are planted) with a laser. After the seed grows into plants, the message is emblazoned on the leaves for all to read.  Can of Words is available with the following messages: Thank You, Good Luck and Get Well.

1. Open up the can and add water
2. Give it lots of love and water for 5 days
3. An etched bean sprout will emerge from the can to reveal its happy message


  1. lois 15 July, 2007 at 19:46

    How can I purchase some of these? I received one as a gift–It was fun to watch it grow. I want to give some as gifts

  2. Annie 23 June, 2007 at 19:45

    i would love to purchase 1 for my children my friends at work were given one and i liked it alot for kids that is something they will enjoy

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