Strong Women in Tech: Yoshimi Ogawa

Yoshmiogawa Yoshimi Ogawa graduated in 1989 from Hitotsubashi University in Japan. She earned a law degree, yet the trading company where she first worked assigned her to corporate communications tasks.  Her boss saw her potential and assigned her to developing Internet services. A few years later Ms. Ogawa became president of Index, a company that sells custom ringtones, mobile games, fortune telling, and other mobile data content and services. The company has expanded considerably under her leadership. In 2003, Index came up with a gadget that claims to decipher a dog's bark. Despite her success, Ms. Ogawa doesn't eschew traditional women's roles like serving tea to clients or business partners,  she says, " I do not see anything wrong with serving tea, from the eyes of the client, this may even be seen as good service". [Source]

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