Return of the Murse (Man Purse)

Champ_rob_250What is so wrong with carrying a "Man Purse" again?  I guess I will never understand why all the teasing, but in my opinion, a man carrying a messenger bag is very trendy. had an article about modern men paving a new road for a briefcase-less world. The solution to bulging pockets full of gizmos may be the so called "gadget bags".  Men have long struggled with the idea of carrying a "man purse" for fear of being ridiculed by their friends, but with the number of personal gadgets increasing per man, owning a sporty backpack or messenger bag is a no brainer. So guys, don't be afraid to embrace the trend, check out the Mini Metro Messenger Bag, The Nike Nutmeg Small Backpack, or the Strong Bad Tote.   If you need a little bit of encouragement, read about the guys who have been early adopters of this necessary trend: Metacool, CapnDesign, and Neil Gladstone. So are you an early adopter of the murse or just kicking it old school with gizmos in your pocket?

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