iBeer for the iPhone

The iPhone is certainly high on many people's wish list, and it is no wonder why thanks to the amount of high tech wizardry found within. Of course, beer has been around way longer than the iPhone, but that doesn't mean that both of them cannot be mixed. iBeer is an iPhone application that offers a beer screensaver on the handset itself, making all the relevant burping and fizzing noises associated with a pint of cold beer. Of course, it simulates not only the sound but the motion of being poured. Thanks to the accelerometer inside, tilting the iPhone will make it look as though a real mug of beer was being carried up and tilted.

The iTunes store is carrying the iBeer application for $2.99, and this will definitely go a long way in helping promote safe driving habits as you down virtual beer at a geek party. Unfortunately, reviews of the application have been less than glowing, and among them include “don’t waste your beer money,” and “runs slow not very realistic.” It is definitely interesting to check it out though. Perhaps they could make different skins in the future for other drinks like Guinness.

Product Page via Gearfuse

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