Bass Minus the Subwoofer

Bose has breaking news that they will be creating a PC speaker system that will make subwoofers somewhat 'obsolete'.  With tiny aluminum encased speakers, Bose claims you will find yourself hearing wonderful bass through them.1447450379 f7a564d17b m

The Bose Computer MusicMonitor has been carried forth with much bravado and excitement.  Bose announced the breaking news and is following up with sample tracks recorded for Bose.  Reviewers that heard them claim they are impressed but are staying reserved.

The system will cost $399 and is targeted for laptop and desktop computer users.  They connect via your headphone jack and if you're seeking a nice way to save space, they are a great option. 

You can already find the Bose Companion II Series Multimedia Speaker System for only $99 and this one is also focused on saving you space but giving you great sound.  (featured in photo)

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