Creative DiVi CAM 316

Divcam  Creative's DiVi Cam 316, the All-in-One camera, is sleek and compact, perfect for recording your summer getaways. It is very compact, perfect if you are looking for something light to carry. It weighs 136g  and measures 70 x 37 x 90 mm. The 270° swivel LCD monitor allows you to capture your subjects at every angle.  Max resolution is 6.6 megapixels to capture hi-res still images or video with audio in MPEG-4 format. You can also use it as a webcam that works perfectly with any instant messaging program. The All in One (Digital Video Camera, Still Camera, Webcam, MP3 Player & Voice Recorder) gives you a lot of features that will keep you busy all summer long.  [Product Page]

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