Samsung's SGH-A400

M_sgh_a400_redThe very first of the "Queen" phone series which was released in 2001. Weighing a little more than 80 grams, the clamshell-shaped Samsung A400 offers women-specific features like bio-rhythm calendar, calorie calculator, body fat index, and a pink (menstrual) schedule. It also offers basic phone functions such as SMS, WAP, games and infrared. Samsung-A400 (Egeo)

What is Pink Schedule?
Using this feature, you can enter information on your menstrual cycle and determine the

1.Date of next ovulation
2.Probability of becoming pregnant on the
current date
3.Period during which it is possible to
become pregnant
4.Date of your next period

Bult module  Calories Calculator
Bult module  Fatness Calculator
Bult module  Pink Schedule
Bult module  Bio Rhythm
Bult module  Internet Access (WAP 1.1)
Bult module  PIM (Scheduler, Calendar,
    To do list, Calculator, Alarm)
Bult module  T9 Predictive Text
Bult module  Melody Composer
Bult module  7 Games
Bult module  5 Screen savers
Bult module  One-Touch Vibrating Alert
Bult module  SMS Alert (10 Tones/ Light/ Single beep)
Bult module  Adjustable LCD Contrast
Bult module  Infra Red
Bult module  Speeding Dialing (9 numbers)
Bult module  Last 10 Missed / Dialed/ Received
Bult module  Shortcut key
Bult module  Active Flip

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